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Father’s Day: What the men had to say…

 A team of dynamic young men on the 15th of this month, on Father’s Day, gave up their Sunday morning to go hang out with kids from Frank Educational Center. The themes tackled where: ‘A Wise Man’, ‘Men of Worth and Purpose’ and ‘It’s a Jungle Out There.’ We caught up with some of the gentlemen after the event and this is what they had to say:

I think you guys are doing an amazing job. I was there and I saw the energy and commitment of all who attended to give the kids a memorable Father’s Day. It was said that let the kids’ smiles and laughter remind us of how our days used to be. Forwards AHI!

Andrew Niko

Well I will first say going to FEC was s real eye opener and I recommend that any member who hasn’t been there to visit the place. My thoughts on Father’s Day: it was a good idea. It gave me a platform to share my experience of growing up as a boy up to the level I have reached and what society expects from those boys despite their situation. My highlight was sharing of snacks and playing with those kids- that was really rewarding. In a nut shell I saw highly motivated kids who are ready to better themselves but they need people like AHI to keep that flame burning.

Victor Theuri

It was awesome seeing young fathers to-be celebrating Father’s Day with children who most probably don’t have a father to celebrate. It was entertaining and a great way to spend my Sunday morning, meeting people who we share similar values with. I look forward to attending more of your ‘events’ and on behalf of Akinah, thank you for having us.

James Wachira

It was nice gesture and the kids really need that reassurance that all will be well. I was humbled by how happy they were to see me; I think AHI should organize more mentorships.

Joseph Muga

The visit was an eye opener and thanks AHI for organizing it. The outcome for me is that we have a responsibility to society and the needy as men. We need to play a role to ensure that we are guiding these boys to be men- a generation of men that stands up to the true definition of who a man is.


The day was very fun; we interacted with the kids and talked about the importance of education. The crowd was awesome and for a minute I wondered whether I was the one who came to mentor or be mentored. AHI great job!

Sheldon Kipng’eno


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  1. Chin Yen Chai
    June 29, 2014 at 9:48 pm · Reply

    I am thankful to have been a part of this event at Frank Educational Center. More than anything, the mere presence of a closely knit community of adults in this event must have had a profound impact on some of these children, especially those without one or both parents, who may sometimes feel like solitary drifters in a vast, endless ocean. Continue giving these kids such beautiful moments AHI!

    • admin
      July 30, 2014 at 9:21 am · Reply

      Thank you for joining us and for your support! We hope to continue doing that till the end of time 🙂

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