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AHI’s Vision: Head of Resource Mobilization

Meet AHI’s latest addition John Njoroge, the Head of Resource Mobilization. His vision of AHI is to have “an institution that caters for educational needs for children from less privileged homes and schools and is able to bring out responsible persons in society.”

For his short term goals within the department, he would like to provide the best service to AHI and its beneficiaries while in the long term gain experience in resource mobilization so as to be better equipped to assist AHI and other people/organizations in mobilizing resources for their different social ventures. In the period John has been working with AHI he has proven capable of the position when he did a Needs Analysis on Frank Educational Center.

His biggest challenge however is time and experience. Volunteering is a new thing for him while all he knows is based on books and not experience. He however hopes that he will be able to apply the knowledge in AHI’s context. He promises to read more and be humble in order to learn from peers and the rest of the team

John’s life mission is to give and therefore AHI provides a platform where he can use his knowledge and expertise to give back to the society. He thinks that other people should join or contribute toward AHI’s projects because simply put, children and education are the key to a bright future.

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