The Team


Gakii Biriri
Founder, Executive Director

Gakii is passionate about sustainable development through education. We assist children from the slum (mainly ages 11 – 16) to access quality education so as to sustain themselves in future and break free of the (physical and psychological) chains of poverty. Let’s face it, many of the kids from slums don’t stand a fighting chance in the real world compared to their counterparts who had a platform simply because of their well-off background. The very few that do make it become success stories and leave everyone in absolute awe. She doesn’t think that should be the case. She feels strongly that each child needs to have equal opportunities to live the life they dream, and this can only be made possible through the quality of education available to them.

That is why AHI was founded and this is only the beginning….


Nyathioma Njehu,
Finance Director

Nyathioma is a passionate psychologist and an enthusiastic (albeit amateur) farmer. Her academic background is in psychology and social entrepreneurship. She believes that every single individual everywhere should have the right, capacity and freedom to capitalize on his/her God-given abilities and gifts to live a life worthy of impact.
Through AHI, she desires to create sustainable impact, one child at a time, by empowering a little one to look the world squarely in the face, and dare to rise beyond their current reality to make a purposeful mark on their society.

It’s honestly disheartening how very often, this is so far from the reality for countless individuals in our world today.

Maryanne Nduku
Operations Director

Maryanne is an aspiring mechanical engineer, recently graduated. Her interests vary widely covering everything from art to technology.

The opportunity to work with an amazing team for the benefit of the less fortunate is the most fulfilling thing she can do with her time. She is a product of mentorship and this is a platform for her to share with everyone that she comes into contact with.

She sees a future where education is an equalizer and not a separator between the rich and the poor.

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Malcolm Musila
Head of ICT
Malcolm is a techie enthusiast with an enabling passion to provide people with resources to champion their way to love technology. He joined AHI because the organization has a passion to give an education to a needy life. With that in mind, he’ll be looking at how technology adds value in a simple way that will push AHI further toward achieving its goal. He loves meeting new people; AHI’s environment is so welcoming and am happy to have met if not all, most of the people involved in this initiative.


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