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World Health Day

World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors the World Heath Day held annually on 7 April. The first World Health Day was celebrated in 1950 after the World Health Assembly held in 1948, the first of its kind, agreed to create this annual celebration. The day marks WHO’s founding and aims to draw worldwide attention of major global health concerns. The health organization organizes local, regional and international events of the Day in line with a set health theme.

This year the theme of the celebrations is ‘Vector-borne diseases’, that is, mosquitoes, ticks, snails, sand flies and bugs, all responsible for the transmission of a wide range of pathogens and parasites causing many different illnesses.

The goal set for this year’s World Health Day is to inform families on ways to better protect themselves from vector-borne diseases, particularly those living in areas where diseases are transmitted by vectors and to travellers as well. During the campaign health authorities are encouraged to put in place measures that will improve protection and surveillance.

Governments and non-governmental organizations who are in or are interested in public health also organize activities to show support for the Day. This year, An Honest Intention (AHI) will be doing the same by hosting a health drive at the Frank Educational Centre (FEC).  We will be having volunteer doctors and medical students come to the school and provide free check-ups for all the children in the school. Issues on health and sanitation will also be addressed during talks given by the health experts.

On the day, there will also be a ground breaking ceremony marking the commencement of classroom construction sponsored by friends of AHI. You are all welcome to celebrate this event with us. If you would like to participate in any capacity during the event, kindly get in touch with us. You presence will be highly appreciated.

Enjoy your weekend team!



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    • admin
      July 30, 2014 at 9:22 am · Reply

      Thanks for the support! We hope to make it more frequent as events unfold.

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