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Frank Educational Center Reopening on New Grounds

People often say that bad things happen to good people and one would agree if you looked at Joseph Oballah’s life, the founder and head teacher at Frank Educational Center (FEC). Looking at the school now, it’s safe to say that this statement is inaccurate. Some of the most beautiful things in life appear after going through fire. Like a phoenix, or diamonds… you get the drift.

The old and the new

The school is located in Dagoretti, Ngando County and was founded in 2005. Joseph rented houses and converted them into a school. It had been a peaceful time but without a contract between Joseph and the landlord, the future of the school was always uncertain. Then came the news – the school was given a notice to vacate the school by 20th June, 2014. During this time, Joseph, parents of FEC pupils and AHI worked together to find land to build a new school.

This, I think, just comes to show you can’t keep a good thing down. Joseph understands that this school brings hope and quality education to the children on Ngando County and did all he could to make sure it continued running for the 248 pupils and 12 teachers.

The landlord was gracious enough to extend their stay until the school found land located 5 minutes away. Construction of the new school started on the 23rd of December, 2014. One can only imagine how gleeful the children were when they reported to their new school this January!


Joseph has proven to be a worthy partner in AHI’s efforts to bridge the gap in the school by meeting the needs of these children.  If you have been to Joseph’s office, he has a chart displaying the upward progression of Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) marks attained by Class Eight candidates over the years- in 2014 the highest scoring student attained 352 marks.

As you may know, Hon. Wahinya, the MCA of Ngando County will grace the reopening ceremony of FEC. It is worth mentioning that the humble school came to his attention because of the good performance of the 2014 KCPE candidates.


One of the indicators that AHI has put in place to measure how successful we have been in a school is by ensuring that a school puts in place a sustainable way to generate income to meet their day-to-day needs. This is so as to reduce the dependency on sponsors. We, thanks to the generous giving of sponsors and well-wishers, have started two successful projects, that is, arts (jewelry and art making) as well as tailoring. It is our hope that you will promote these two projects by purchasing goods made- they are able to compete with the best in the market.

Joseph’s words

‘This event is to celebrate the victory of relocating to better and spacious land. It is also the first time we are leasing land for five years instead of renting houses as it was before.’

Our words

It is our hope that you join us on Saturday 28th of February, 10am-1pm in the re-opening ceremony of FEC in its new spacious grounds. It is also a great opportunity to come witness how hard work, motivation and your support has brought great change in the lives of the pupils. We invite you to continue partnering with us and watch this humble cause bud into a movement that changes lives by providing quality education for the needy.

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