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So this post is a little late, we know J but you know how Christmas/New Year gets around these parts with trips to the Coast, Naivasha or the village. That being said (and hopefully having being forgiven for the delay)….HAPPY NEW YEAR TEAM AHI!!! It is such an honour for our staff to get another year to work with all of you for the good of society…

So, getting right into this…….


‘The morality of a society is judged by what they do for their children’

AHI had yet another successful get-together at Arboretum Park on Sunday 22nd of December last year (see very cool pictures below). It was a time to relax and have interactive activities with old and new members, looking back at the year that was 2013. There were a lot of contributions from the members as to the direction AHI is taking and should be taking in 2014.

The members were split into two groups and after a few games, members were asked to discuss what their perception of AHI was and suggest ways to improve the organization. The response was amazing and enlightening, you guys are great:

View of AHI

1)     Avenue to better the society.

2)     Represents a hope for our generation: the youth are finding ways to help the less fortunate and empowering them by giving them opportunities to rise above their situation.

3)     One doesn’t have to have a salary to give back to society.

4)     The name is excellent and creative and also gives off ‘good vibes’.

5)     The angle of bettering the education system is a great and fresh idea.

6)     It is evident that the organization stands for integrity and transparency in their day-to-day running.

7)     Massive potential.


And then it got even better:


1)     Newsletters – to convey information on progress made and how members can assist.

2)     Pass A Band – to get new members and more people talking about the organization.

3)     Drop Off Points – to set up a system where willing members of the public can donate goods and supplies (a central location).

4)     Charity walk

5)     Mentorship programme.

6)     Getaways – for the pupils e.g. leadership conferences.

7)     Alumni Program – for children who have benefited from AHI sponsorships.

8)     AHI clubs.

9)     Diet – finding ways to supplement the children’s diet at St. Catherine’s.

10)Transparency on funds.

11)Sustainability projects.

12)Scope – broadening AHIs scope with increased capacity.

13)Intensive Marketing.


Well, we heard you #teamAHI…..obviously, it is a continuous and gradual growth process for us but look out for updates and follow-ups.



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IMG-20140115-WA0043 IMG-20140115-WA0038

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