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Christmas Get-together


AHI has experienced tremendous growth in this past year. This growth is not just an increase of volunteering staff but in the connections made and lives change by this noble cause. Since the last get together on the 15th of September there has been significant progress made in the areas of  integrity, leadership & innovation and continuous improvement. How this progress has been made will be discussed on Sunday 22nd of this month at Arboretum, the same venue of the previous get together.

Given that the Christmas cheer is upon us all, the aim of this get together is to make new friends, strengthen old bonds and generally have fun. In the spirit of transparency, a principle that we at AHI aim to uphold, feel free to ask any questions about the running of this non-profit organization. We understand that word-of-mouth is the best free PR that anyone can get!

The arrival time for the event is 12:30pm and the program will run till 6:00pm. Given that it is a picnic set up, you can bring your own food and drinks though we will provide these as well at good prices. Any profit made from these sales go toward AHI projects.

Also remember to bring either:

  • old books
  • old presentable clothes
  • stationary
  • extra cash
  • a leso

Expect a lot of fun, games and a tonne of laughter and relaxation this Sunday. Your presence will be highly appreciated.


Touch a child’s life this Christmas, won’t you?

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