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have a strong effect on someone or something.

It isn’t just about what we do; it’s about WHO we do it for.

We do it for the mothers who raise families against all odds.

We do it for the fathers who break their backs to build a better future.

We do it for all the children whose hope keeps us going.

At AHI, we do it for you.

To date we have:AHI - Impact

  • Set up 3 businesses in FEC: a sewing workshop, a bakery and a beadwork project aimed at making the school sustainable.
  • 10 parents involved in the businesses got a supplementary source of income.
  • Provided Over 2000 books since AHIs inception – text books and story books to cultivating a reading culture.
  • Set up a Mentorship program to help nurture the children and inspire them to aspire to greater things
  • Supported theĀ Frank Education Centre (FEC) inĀ Dagoretti where the top student got 405/500 marks in KCPE.
  • Carried out a teaching program which involved volunteers, both locals and foreign nationals aimed at easing the burden on the teachers.

By no standards is this enough. There’s so much we need to do. So many more lives we need to touch.

Join us. Help us make an Impact today, for a better tomorrow.

Let’s Bridge Gaps!



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