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Bridging the Gap by Designing to Transform

One of the most common problems we encounter in our quest to improve the quality of education is issues on credibility. It is increasingly difficult to convince our partners and supporters on the authenticity and genuineness of the work we are doing. And with good reason. Organizations of similar nature have been involved in massive scams and scandals and ruined the reputation of the industry. Regardless, the world keeps turning and we have to find ways to circumvent the issues and ensure we don’t get derailed by the sideshows.
So when #teamAHI met the team from Design to Transform (D2T), we were super excited. The work they are doing is revolutionary in its simplicity and after many meetings and discussions, we are finally ready and honored to announce the partnership between D2T and AHI.
Design to Transform is a hackathon seeking to help Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to articulate their message on the Internet. A hackathon (for non tech savvy humans) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers, content developers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects.

The design to transform hackathon designs professional websites for Community Based Organizations during a one day hackathon challenge.

In Kenya, many of these organizations are yet to establish an impressive digital footprint. They have not been able to catch up with what the Internet is offering as far as publicity and visibility is concerned. An online presence will boost the reach of these organizations.
The D2T team has had one other hackathon which saw the team complete and deliver six websites for the CBOs; no easy fete. The websites have helped them connect with donors, sponsors and supporters from all around the world. The recipients of the websites now have the privilege of sharing their stories and projects on a global platform.
The project brings together individuals from different academic and professional backgrounds and puts them together in dynamic teams to achieve a shared goal; to design to transform. Believe it or not, quite a number of the people involved do not even have techie backgrounds; the D2T team teaches the event participants how to use various platforms in web design and development. See some testimonials of the same here.
The partnership between D2T and AHI means that AHIs 2 new schools for 2016: AGAPE Hope for Kibera and HOYWIK Kibera, are each getting new, beautifully designed and well-maintained websites during the next hackathon on 19th March, 2016. As such, we are reaching out to all of you, whatever field you are in, to come and join us as we seek to continue bridging the gap in a creative and unconventional way. Get your tickets here and confirm your attendance  by sending Ksh 500 to 0726205941, see you on Saturday at the iHub Nairobi!!

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