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AHI’s Vision: Our New Director

Dennis Gatiga is our latest addition to the AHI team and is the Director of Strategic Partnerships. His vision for this organization is to be a preferred partner to institutions and individuals who all have a common goal in helping bridging the gap with regards to child education.

In his department, he would like to increase AHI’s network and get more like minded partners and strategic alliances that will help the organization achieve its goals. In the short term, a partner with similar ideas would be ideal in helping AHI grow and in the longer term a solid financial partner(s) would help make the NGO self sustaining and would be better placed to create a legacy of societal impact that we can all be proud of.

The biggest challenge? Well, that would be trying to show potential partners the merits of a partnership and aligning their wants with AHI’s vision. To remedy this, Dennis and the other directors have streamlined what they want to do and how they will do it. This gives them a much clearer vision that the people they are targeting can easily identify with.

His vision tied in with AHI’s?

“In life we all have a part to play, I have an innate desire to give back to society and through AHI I am able to do it. We have a mutual goal that makes our partnership all the more relevant.”

Dennis message in appealing to people to join or contribute to AHI’s projects is that there are many people who would like to be involved in initiatives and projects that benefit society and AHI can be their way of doing so. They can help create the change they- the people- want to see and be part of the winds of change from an initial stage. At some point, he says, the question should be: Why not be part of AHI?

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