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AHI’s Vision: Operations Director

Maryanne Nduku, AHI’s Operations Director, believes that the organization will be a common name in people’s households. She also hopes to see AHI as an avenue for many to achieve their goals and it turn make society a better place. Her role is to manage employees, provide support, and manage assets and costs and designing operations system processes and her goal is to ensure synergy between departments and smooth running in the operations of the organization.

Maryanne’s biggest challenge is currently following up on individuals who slack in their work, whether it is a favour or voluntary. Overcoming this will be done by, ‘constantly reminding myself that this is for someone else’s life and the betterment of the society that’s dependant on me’. This challenge will also serve as a learning experience for her patience to grow.

A passion of and satisfaction in helping others is one of Maryanne’s life desires. Though she will be successful financially, the wealth and resources will go toward opening a school, running a children’s home or other charity work. With AHI, her vision for her life can start now, connecting with those who can help and start making the difference now.

Why should other people join or contribute toward AHI’s projects?

‘Simply put, AHI acts as an avenue to give back to the society. There is demand on all human beings to take care of their fellow humans who are unable to take care of themselves. So if one feels this way this is the way to go.’

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