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AHI’s Vision: Head of Strategic Partnerships

Rose Otieno Ochieng is the Head of Strategic Partnerships and would like see AHI grow to the point where it can assist more than one school efficiently and effectively. In the long run, she would like the organization come to a place where it can assist children from the nursery school till university.

In her department, the mission is to identify and engage sponsors, partners and interns who can work with AHI to further its cause. The short term goal is to create networks with various NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and even state bodies while the long term goal is to get funding for AHI.  Rose’s believes her biggest challenge, like other staff members in the organization, is time. She is however going to try and work in a more innovative way that allows her to meet prospective partners, one of the methods being Skype meetings.


“My ultimate vision in life is to influence policy in Kenya as I believe that if we have good policies in place then the systems in society will work efficiently for the benefit of all.”


She continues to say that education is one of the major institutions in society and if good policies are in place in this institution then Kenya will be a better place. Also, in order to influence policy, one must have the needs of the most vulnerable in mind and AHI offers her the opportunity to actually understand the situations on the ground.

When asked why other people should join or contribute toward AHI’s projects, her answer was simple: AHI is investing in the future leaders of our communities, nations and the world at large by equipping them for the task that lies ahead. She added that AHI offers people the opportunity to give back to society; an important aspect in everyone’s life. It brings not only fulfilment to people’s lives but purpose as well.


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