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AHI’s vision: Head of PR Department

Head of PR department Maureen Wambaire’s overall vision for AHI is ‘to have a trustworthy community of members and partners working together to give as many children as they can a chance to achieve their intended purpose in life through education.’

Her mission is to brand AHI as an NGO that can be trusted by those who want to participate in this worthy cause by remaining transparent and accountable. This will be through providing relevant documentation of the running of AHI to partners and other interested parties. The immediate goal is to increase online visibility through interactions with likeminded persons. The long term goal is to create a network of dependable members and partners that contribute to the growth of AHI not just in St. Catherine’s Primary School but beyond that.

Maureen’s biggest challenge is persuading people to care about AHI’s cause especially through social media.

‘It is easy to get friends and family on board but creating a network beyond that may prove a challenge. Consistency and transparency however should help us overcome that.’

Her life’s vision as a Public Relations practitioner is to use her skills in PR and writing to create awareness on social issues affecting our immediate environments and driving for change. When asked why people should join or contribute toward AHI’s projects, her response was, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’



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