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AHI’s Vision: Head of Legal Affairs

Sheila Nyakundi is the Head of Legal Affairs in AHI. When asked what her vision is for AHI, she said she envisions it having networks all over the country and supporting at least 10,000 children financially. She added that she would also like a well-structured mentorship programme to impact and build capacity for the next generation of young men and women to enable them to be fully equipped to be influencers in their God-given positions in the community.

Legal affairs involves handling the legal issues that AHI is facing/will face together with ensuring compliance with the relevant laws that enable the organization to exist and operate. Her mission is to offer quality legal support and be a strategic legal solution provider for the organization. The goal would be to constantly understand the organization’s interests and striving to enhance and secure them through proactive quality and timely legal service.

The greatest challenge for the young lawyer is procrastination, which inevitably makes her work under pressure to beat deadlines. ‘I am learning to prioritize my work between what is urgent and important and what can wait a little while so as to achieve what needs to be done on time. This is work in progress,’ she says.


AHI’s vision statement is “to minimize poverty in Kenya by promoting and encouraging holistic, experiential learning and youth empowerment within the learning environment of school children from slums.” As an individual, Sheila believes “the only gifts we keep are those we give away; the only things that will outlive us are those we place in the hands of others.” Giving children an opportunity to learn, grow and be empowered through AHI for her is an way of placing priceless gifts in the hands of future great men and women.

When asked why other people should join AHI, she stated that AHI is a noble cause- a dream that was birthed out of the desire to see change in the society and provide opportunities to underprivileged children to succeed and live out their potential. In her eyes, the fire to give back to the community should burn in all of us and make an impact in a child’s life. Lastly, being a part of AHI is a step in making a difference, reaching one child at a time.

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