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AHI’s Vision: Head of IT Department

Charlene Migwe is the Head of IT Department in AHI and her vision for the organization is to create a sustainable way of giving children opportunities needed to better themselves. This will be accomplished by giving them tools needed to better the environment around them. Her immediate goal in the department is to streamline all the vital operations in the organizations.

She plans to improve communication between all departments and establish a means for data storage of past documents and financial records for planning and accountability purposes. This will mean the ‘IT department will be able to ‘establish best practices and processes that save on time, expenses and ensures overall efficient running of the organization’.

Charlene has two main challenges. One of them is time management, of which she is still learning how to given her different roles outside AHI. The second is her dislike of emails. She is currently seeking more effective ways to communicate with the team.

What is her life’s vision?

My life’s vision as an IT entrepreneur is to provide channels for change. I believe in empowering people and giving them resources needed to make a difference. I do that through online platforms.

She believes people should join or contribute to AHI’s projects to increase the scope of AHI Operations, hence more children benefiting and increase awareness of the need to help under privileged individuals.


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