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AHI’s Vision: Head of Finance

Xavier Nanchengwa is the new Head of Finance in AHI and his overall vision for AHI is it transforming into a national organization that makes a tangible difference in children’s lives. He said that AHI should not only be looked at as an NGO, but as a group of young people making a real difference. His mission for the finance department is to ensure that he facilitate the achievement of the long term goal that AHI has decided on. The short term goal is making sure that there are enough resources for the daily activities to go smoothly.

His biggest challenge was dealing with people who are of different opinion but overcame this by sitting down with them and understanding where they were coming from and there after he introduced his point of view leading to a suitable compromise. Xavier’s life’s vision serves to elevate AHI as it is ‘Always aim to make an impact every single day.’

As a parting shot, he says that people should join or contribute toward AHI’s project because “it’s something that really makes a difference and it’s always good to give back to your community.”


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