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AHI’s Vision: Finance Director

Nyathioma Njehu’s overall vision for AHI, in her words is “Impact! Impact! Impact!”. The AHI Finance Director adds the vision is ultimately to see our continent change one child at a time through AHI’s facilitation of holistic education, which empowers young ones to believe and actualize their innate capabilities. This way they can challenge the status quo and in turn create a ripple effect where those after them can follow in their footsteps.

Her department’s mission is ‘effective and efficient financial sustainability’. The short term goals include to implement smooth running financial systems and to engage in more revenue generating projects as an organization.  The long term goal is to have self-sustaining and optimally-run systems that leverage on financial resources to enhance educational impact in line with AHI’s overall vision.

Her biggest challenge is that the income stream is currently dependent largely on funding from friends and family. However, she says that as an organization, AHI is actively seeking ways of implementing income-generating programs with a view towards sustainability as well as pursuing funding from more long-term donors.

Her life’s vision and AHI’s vision are common in the aspect of taking practical approaches towards increasing individuals’ mental awareness and capacity for greatness thus, in effect, commanding their habits and lifestyles.

Why should other people join or contribute toward AHI’s projects?

“Aristotle once said that the educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead. AHI provides a platform to make education accessible to those whom it may otherwise have been unattainable. ‘Human dignity is collective: you can’t really consider yourself successful if those around you lack access to basic needs like quality education- ultimately that success is incomplete! So let’s work together to do our part in righting some of the wrongs evident in our society today.”

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