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AHI’s Vision: Executive Director

The overall vision for AHI according to Gakii Biriri is to create a platform for children from all backgrounds to access opportunities to live decent lifestyles either through scholarships, setting up a school or setting up sustainability projects.

“When you have paid school fees for someone whose family couldn’t afford to or helped train that child’s mother to sustain themselves and not have to engage in numerous vices just to get by, therein lies the reward. The knowledge that you have made a difference, and that that one act of kindness will endure for a long time to come.”

In her executive role, her goal is to set and communicate the vision, come up with strategies to get the organization moving in that direction and ensure that AHI does not engage in practices which take away from its integrity. She also works to ensure synergy and continuous improvement across all departments.

No role or task in any organization is without challenges. The biggest for Gakii has been and will be ineffective systems outside of AHI’s control. She is however aggressive in her approach and has continuously worked to toward set goals in spite of limitations. She is also confident that with her team AHI can overcome any challenge that arises.

She also adds that, ‘The cost of inaction these days is a lot more expensive than the cost of action. Everyone needs to work towards improving the quality of life of their neighbor and I know AHI is an avenue for many people to give back to society and leave their mark.’

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