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AHI’s Vision: Communications Director

The Communications Director of AHI Judemark Bwari’s vision for the organization is that ‘it should be a sustainable and complimentary channel for support to primary schools allowing them to deliver quality education to underprivileged children in our society.’ He also hopes that AHI can start its own school in the near future as this will allow AHI to achieve its goals even more comprehensively.

In the Communication department, the mission Judemark has is to utilize ICT as a tool to enhance the quality of education in Kenya. The short term goals are:

  • Have an informative and efficient website for AHI
  • Implement an online donation platform on our website

The long term goals are:

  • Open an IT center that kids from the various schools can attend.
  • Have a mobile phone app for AHI that can be used to make donations

The biggest challenge for the Communications Director is juggling between his current career and AHI. Since time is a very precious commodity, Judemark is taking a time management course to aid him in handling both roles efficiently and effectively. His life’s vision is living in a society where we are our neighbor’s keepers and children grow up knowing they have endless opportunities to excel in society based on their talents.

‘I believe that it is our duty as human beings to support and care for one another, more so the less fortunate in society. It doesn’t require one person to donate a large amount. It just needs all of us to be considerate and donate/contribute what we feel is a comfortable.’

All projects at AHI are geared toward sustainability and empowering the underprivileged youth in our society. At AHI, any person can learn by actions, listening and sharing.

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