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AHI meets FEC parents

We apologize for the delay in posting this. Logistics of the event needed to be confirmed before reporting.


We had posted the event of Facebook. It was meant to be a simple ‘Meet the Kids of Frank Educational Center’ forum for friends of AHI and some of the staff who were yet to visit the school.

As I walked toward the school that Saturday morning, rather late I might add (AHI staff can testify that my alarm does not ring on Saturdays), I was shocked to see parents and students seated under a tent. I had brought my two friends along and I told them that it must be a different function because I most certainly do not remember anything been spoken about in regards to a tent or the parents.20140517_112637

When Joseph Oballah approached us to welcome us it is when it hit me- he went all out and turned our simple and humble efforts into something worth shouting about. My friends and I, after having Guest of Honor budges pinned to our left breast pocket, where taken to what I can only assume was the VIP/AHI sitting area. Still in shock at what I was witnessing, I got down to the business of taking photographs of the event. Check out our Facebook page (and soon in the gallery section of this website) the amazing event that Joseph put together.

What blew me away and nearly caused the staff to shed tears was the AHI poem that the children presented. With our increasingly busy schedules, AHI staff are having a hard time directing their focus on AHI projects/events so to hear someone else note and appreciate the sometime strained effort that we young and dynamic youth (but do we say) put in… let’s just say volunteer work has never felt so rewarding.

AHI Poem

Created by Mr. Joseph


An honest intention

What a name?

Just as the name suggests

It’s a name that inspires

And brings hope


A true friend you are

We were about to lose hope, suddenly you filled our

Library, with interesting story books

To help build our vocabulary


A friend indeed

You have shone a light, on our pathetic lives

You have taken us from grass to grace


For sure, you care

I can’t forget to mention this

I am smartly dressed, in a school uniform


Long live AHI

Let us walk together

Help us calculate our steps steadily

For you take part in nation building

We promise to make you happy

Joseph was also keen to let the parents know just how important education is. He emphasized the need for guardians to look after the mental wellbeing of the children by not burdening them with responsibilities or speaking harshly toward them. Other parents and teachers did also commend the good work that Joseph had and continues to put in running the school. That message was well received with sodas to quench our thirst that hot morning.


Goods received by the school were

  • 250 text books
  • 245 library books
  • 35 students each got a pair of shoes
  • 13 students got new uniforms
  • All children and Baby Class and Nursery go clothes
  • All girls in Class 6, 7, & 8 got pads
  • All students got stationary (pens)

.For that we would like to thanks friends of AHI for their generous donations, especially Yannis Gerassimidis, La Pontaise, City0 Blecherette, Mr & Mrs Mwanza, Ms Veronica Watela, Mr Joseph Oballah and all the children’s sponsors.


How to help

Being a not-for-profit organization means that most of our work depends on donations from family, friends and the public. That said, AHI is in need of:-

  • a free or very minimal cost auditor
  • Funding and Resource Mobilizer
  • sponsors for kids (KES1,500 per month)
  • food (rice, beans etc) for FEC pupils
  • exercise books and
  • volunteer teachers

You can get in touch with us either on 0705 583 435 (AHI number) or 0720 590 238 (Nyahioma Njehu)



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