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Women In Tech Mentorship at FEC

20140726_122814Six ladies from Women in Tech (WIT) visited the Frank Education Center (FEC) on the 26th of July. They took part in a mentorship program rolled out by AHI to take place at the school every forth Saturday of the month. They arrived at the school at around 10:30 am while the students were out for their break. The ladies were well received given that the teachers had been informed of their visit. The girls seemed particularly excited to see them.

The mentorship program was focused on Class Seven and Eight girls- the only two Class Six girls were too young to join the discussions. The agenda kicked off with games serving as ice breakers and there after the girls were put into two groups.

The aim of the agenda was to equip the girls with a few defense skills and emphasize the importance of being constantly alert. The questions for discussion were:

  1. Do you know any good/bad people in the society and if yes what characteristics do they have?
  2. What are some of the offenses that are committed against girls?
  3. What can we do as girls to protect ourselves from such cases?

20140726_124657From the discussions it was realized that the girls were quite informed on the dangers they face as females. They were also quite adept on defense skills. TheĀ  TIC ladies were very encouraged and only added a few tips onto their skill set. They emphasized the importance of constant alertness, keeping to well-lit streets and communication amongst themselves and their peers.

The mentorship program also tackled the issue of self- worth; beauty starts from within and the importance of good grooming especially as girls. The next session will be in September when they commence their 3rd term of the academic year.

If you would like to participate in upcoming mentorship programs, comment below or write to us on our Facebook page.



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